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// qtractorTrack.h
   Copyright (C) 2005-2007, rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela. All rights reserved.

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
   modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
   as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
   of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   GNU General Public License for more details.

   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
   with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
   51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.


#ifndef __qtractorTrack_h
#define __qtractorTrack_h

#include "qtractorList.h"

#include <QColor>

// Forward declarations.
class qtractorSession;
class qtractorSessionDocument;
class qtractorInstrumentList;
class qtractorPluginList;
class qtractorMonitor;
class qtractorClip;
class qtractorBus;

// Special forward declarations.
class QDomElement;
class QPainter;
class QRect;

// qtractorTrack -- Track container.

class qtractorTrack : public qtractorList<qtractorTrack>::Link

      // Track type symbology.
      enum TrackType { None = 0, Audio, Midi };
      // Tool button specific types:
      enum ToolType  { Record, Mute, Solo };

      // Constructor.
      qtractorTrack(qtractorSession *pSession, TrackType trackType = None);
      // Default constructor.

      // Reset track.
      void clear();

      // Track open/close methods.
      bool open();
      void close();

      // Session accessor.
      qtractorSession *session() const;

      // Track name accessors.
      void setTrackName(const QString& sTrackName);
      const QString& trackName() const;

      // Track type accessors.
      void setTrackType(TrackType trackType);
      TrackType trackType() const;

      // Record status accessors.
      void setRecord(bool bRecord);
      bool isRecord() const;

      // Mute status accessors.
      void setMute(bool bMute);
      bool isMute() const;

      // Solo status accessors.
      void setSolo(bool bSolo);
      bool isSolo() const;

      // Track gain (volume) accessor.
      void setGain(float fGain);
      float gain() const;

      // Track stereo-panning accessor.
      void setPanning(float fPanning);
      float panning() const;

      // MIDI specific: track-tag accessors.
      void setMidiTag(unsigned short iMidiTag);
      unsigned short midiTag() const;

      // MIDI specific: channel acessors.
      void setMidiChannel(unsigned short iMidiChannel);
      unsigned short midiChannel() const;

      // MIDI specific: bank select method acessors (optional).
      void setMidiBankSelMethod(int iMidiBankSelMethod);
      int midiBankSelMethod() const;

      // MIDI specific: bank acessors (optional).
      void setMidiBank(int iMidiBank);
      int midiBank() const;

      // MIDI specific: program acessors (optional).
      void setMidiProgram(int iMidiProgram);
      int midiProgram() const;

      // Assigned bus name accessors.
      void setInputBusName(const QString& sBusName);
      const QString& inputBusName() const;
      void setOutputBusName(const QString& sBusName);
      const QString& outputBusName() const;

      // Assigned bus accessors.
      qtractorBus *inputBus() const;
      qtractorBus *outputBus() const;

      // Track monitor accessors.
      qtractorMonitor *monitor() const;

      // Track plugin-chain accessor.
      qtractorPluginList *pluginList() const;

      // Normalized view height accessors.
      void updateHeight();
      void setHeight(int iHeight);
      int height() const;

      // Visual height accessors.
      void updateZoomHeight();
      void setZoomHeight(int iZoomHeight);
      int zoomHeight() const;

      // Clip list management methods.
      const qtractorList<qtractorClip>& clips() const;

      void addClip(qtractorClip *pClip);
      void unlinkClip(qtractorClip *pClip);
      void removeClip(qtractorClip *pClip);

      // Current clip on record (capture).
      void setClipRecord(qtractorClip *pClipRecord);
      qtractorClip *clipRecord() const;

      // Background color accessors.
      void setBackground(const QColor& bg);
      const QColor& background() const;

      // Foreground color accessors.
      void setForeground(const QColor& fg);
      const QColor& foreground() const;

      // Generate a default track color.
      static QColor trackColor(int iTrack);

      // Track special process cycle executive.
      void process(qtractorClip *pClip,
            unsigned long iFrameStart, unsigned long iFrameEnd);

      // Track paint method.
      void drawTrack(QPainter *pPainter, const QRect& trackRect,
            unsigned long iTrackStart, unsigned long iTrackEnd,
            qtractorClip *pClip = NULL);

      // MIDI track instrument patching.
      void setMidiPatch(qtractorInstrumentList *pInstruments);

      // Track loop point setler.
      void setLoop(unsigned long iLoopStart, unsigned long iLoopEnd);

      // Document element methods.
      bool loadElement(qtractorSessionDocument *pDocument,
            QDomElement *pElement);
      bool saveElement(qtractorSessionDocument *pDocument,
            QDomElement *pElement);

      // Track properties structure.
      struct Properties
            // Default constructor.
            // Copy constructor.
            Properties(const Properties& props)
                  { copy(props); }
            // Assignment operator,
            Properties& operator=(const Properties& props)
                  { if (&props != this) copy(props); return *this; }
            // Helper copy method.
            Properties& copy(const Properties& props);
            // Members.
            QString        trackName;
            TrackType      trackType;
            bool           record;
            bool           mute;
            bool           solo;
            float          gain;
            float          panning;
            QString        inputBusName;
            QString        outputBusName;
            unsigned short midiChannel;
            int            midiBankSelMethod;
            int            midiBank;
            int            midiProgram;
            QColor         foreground;
            QColor         background;

      // Alternate properties accessor.
      Properties& properties();


      qtractorSession *m_pSession;    // Session reference.

      Properties       m_props;       // Track properties.

      qtractorBus     *m_pInputBus;   // Track assigned input bus.
      qtractorBus     *m_pOutputBus;  // Track assigned input bus.

      qtractorMonitor *m_pMonitor;    // Track monitor.

      unsigned short   m_iMidiTag;    // MIDI specific: track-tag;

      int              m_iHeight;     // View height (normalized).
      int              m_iZoomHeight; // View height (zoomed).

      qtractorList<qtractorClip> m_clips; // List of clips.

      qtractorClip *m_pClipRecord;    // Current clip on record (capture).

      qtractorPluginList *m_pPluginList;  // Plugin chain (audio).

#endif  // __qtractorTrack_h

// end of qtractorTrack.h

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