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// qtractorMidiEngine.h
   Copyright (C) 2005-2007, rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela. All rights reserved.

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
   modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
   as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
   of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   GNU General Public License for more details.

   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
   with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
   51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.


#ifndef __qtractorMidiEngine_h
#define __qtractorMidiEngine_h

#include "qtractorEngine.h"
#include "qtractorMmcEvent.h"

#include <QMap>

#include <alsa/asoundlib.h>

// Forward declarations.
class qtractorMidiBus;
class qtractorMidiEvent;
class qtractorMidiInputThread;
class qtractorMidiOutputThread;
class qtractorMidiMonitor;

class QSocketNotifier;

// class qtractorMidiEngine -- ALSA sequencer client instance (singleton).

class qtractorMidiEngine : public qtractorEngine

      // Constructor.
      qtractorMidiEngine(qtractorSession *pSession);

      // ALSA client descriptor accessor.
      snd_seq_t *alsaSeq() const;
      int alsaClient() const;
      int alsaQueue() const;

      // ALSA subscription port notifier.
      QSocketNotifier *alsaNotifier() const;
      void alsaNotifyAck();

      // Special slave sync method.
      void sync();

      // Read ahead frames configuration.
      void setReadAhead(unsigned int iReadAhead);
      unsigned int readAhead() const;

      // Reset queue tempo.
      void resetTempo();

      // Reset all MIDI monitoring...
      void resetAllMonitors();

      // Reset control buses.
      void resetControlBus(qtractorBus::BusMode busMode);

      // MIDI event capture method.
      void capture(snd_seq_event_t *pEv);

      // MIDI event enqueue method.
      void enqueue(qtractorTrack *pTrack, qtractorMidiEvent *pEvent,
            unsigned long iTime, float fGain = 1.0f);

      // Flush ouput queue (if necessary)...
      void flush();

      // Special rewind method, on queue loop.
      void restartLoop();

      // Special track-immediate methods.
      void trackMute(qtractorTrack *pTrack, bool bMute);

      // Event notifier widget settings.
      void setNotifyWidget  (QWidget *pNotifyWidget);
      void setNotifyMmcType (QEvent::Type eNotifyMmcType);

      QWidget     *notifyWidget() const;
      QEvent::Type notifyMmcType() const;

      // Control buses accessors.
      qtractorMidiBus *controlBus_in() const;
      qtractorMidiBus *controlBus_out() const;

      // MMC dispatch special commands.
      void sendMmcLocate(unsigned long iLocate) const;
      void sendMmcMaskedWrite(qtractorMmcEvent::SubCommand scmd,
            int iTrack, bool bOn) const;
      void sendMmcCommand(qtractorMmcEvent::Command cmd,
            unsigned char *pMmcData = NULL, unsigned short iMmcData = 0) const;

      // Document element methods.
      bool loadElement(qtractorSessionDocument *pDocument,
            QDomElement *pElement);
      bool saveElement(qtractorSessionDocument *pDocument,
            QDomElement *pElement);


      // Concrete device (de)activation methods.
      bool init(const QString& sClientName);
      bool activate();
      bool start();
      void stop();
      void deactivate();
      void clean();


      // Device instance variables.
      snd_seq_t *m_pAlsaSeq;
      int        m_iAlsaClient;
      int        m_iAlsaQueue;

      // Subscription notification stuff.
      snd_seq_t       *m_pAlsaSubsSeq;
      int              m_iAlsaSubsPort;
      QSocketNotifier *m_pAlsaNotifier;

      // Name says it all.
      qtractorMidiInputThread  *m_pInputThread;
      qtractorMidiOutputThread *m_pOutputThread;

      // The delta-time when playback started .
      long m_iTimeStart;
      long m_iTimeDelta;

      // The event notifier widget.
      QWidget      *m_pNotifyWidget;
      QEvent::Type  m_eNotifyMmcType;

      // The assigned control buses.
      qtractorMidiBus *m_pIControlBus;
      qtractorMidiBus *m_pOControlBus;

// class qtractorMidiBus -- Managed ALSA sequencer port set

class qtractorMidiBus : public qtractorBus

      // Constructor.
      qtractorMidiBus(qtractorMidiEngine *pMidiEngine,
            const QString& sBusName, BusMode mode = Duplex);

      // Destructor.

      // ALSA sequencer port accessor.
      int alsaPort() const;

      // Activation methods.
      bool open();
      void close();

      // Shut-off everything out there.
      void shutOff(bool bClose = false) const;

      // Channel map payload.
      struct Patch
            // Default payload constructor.
            Patch() : bankSelMethod(-1), bank(-1), prog(-1) {}
            // Payload members.
            QString instrumentName;
            int     bankSelMethod;
            int     bank;
            int     prog;

      // Channel patch map accessor.
      Patch& patch(unsigned short iChannel)
            { return m_patches[iChannel & 0x0f]; }

      // Direct MIDI bank/program selection helper.
      void setPatch(unsigned short iChannel, const QString& sInstrumentName,
            int iBankSelMethod, int iBank, int iProg);

      // Direct MIDI controller helper.
      void setController(unsigned short iChannel,
            int iController, int iValue = 0) const;

      // Direct SysEx helper.
      void sendSysex(unsigned char *pSysex, unsigned int iSysex);

      // Virtual I/O bus-monitor accessors.
      qtractorMonitor *monitor_in()  const;
      qtractorMonitor *monitor_out() const;

      // MIDI I/O bus-monitor accessors.
      qtractorMidiMonitor *midiMonitor_in()  const;
      qtractorMidiMonitor *midiMonitor_out() const;

      // Retrieve/restore client:port connections.
      // return the effective number of connection attempts.
      int updateConnects(BusMode busMode,
            ConnectList& connects, bool bConnect = false);

      // MIDI master volume.
      void setMasterVolume(float fVolume);
      // MIDI channel volume.
      void setVolume(unsigned short iChannel, float fVolume);
      // MIDI channel stereo panning.
      void setPanning(unsigned short iChannel, float fPanning);

      // Document element methods.
      bool loadMidiMap(qtractorSessionDocument *pDocument,
            QDomElement *pElement);
      bool saveMidiMap(qtractorSessionDocument *pDocument,
            QDomElement *pElement);


      // Bus mode change event.
      void updateBusMode();


      // Instance variables.
      int m_iAlsaPort;

      // Specific monitor instances.
      qtractorMidiMonitor *m_pIMidiMonitor;
      qtractorMidiMonitor *m_pOMidiMonitor;

      // Channel patch mapper.
      QMap<unsigned short, Patch> m_patches;

#endif  // __qtractorMidiEngine_h

// end of qtractorMidiEngine.h

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