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// qtractorMainForm.h
   Copyright (C) 2005-2007, rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela. All rights reserved.

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
   modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
   as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
   of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   GNU General Public License for more details.

   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
   with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
   51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.


#ifndef __qtractorMainForm_h
#define __qtractorMainForm_h

#include "ui_qtractorMainForm.h"

// Forward declarations...
class qtractorOptions;
class qtractorSession;
class qtractorTracks;
class qtractorThumbView;
class qtractorCommand;
class qtractorCommandList;
class qtractorInstrumentList;
class qtractorFiles;
class qtractorMessages;
class qtractorConnections;
class qtractorMixer;
class qtractorMmcEvent;

class QLabel;
class QComboBox;
class QActionGroup;
class QDoubleSpinBox;
class QPalette;

// qtractorMainForm -- UI wrapper form.

class qtractorMainForm : public QMainWindow


      // Constructor.
      qtractorMainForm(QWidget *pParent = 0, Qt::WFlags wflags = 0);
      // Destructor.

      static qtractorMainForm *getInstance();

      void setOptions(qtractorOptions *pOptions);
      qtractorOptions *options() const;

      qtractorSession *session() const;
      qtractorTracks *tracks() const;
      qtractorFiles *files() const;
      qtractorConnections *connections() const;
      qtractorMixer *mixer() const;
      qtractorCommandList *commands() const;
      qtractorInstrumentList *instruments() const;
      qtractorThumbView *thumbView() const;

      QString sessionName(const QString& sFilename);

      void updateTransportTime(unsigned long iPlayHead);

      void appendMessages(const QString& s);
      void appendMessagesColor(const QString& s, const QString& c);
      void appendMessagesText(const QString& s);
      void appendMessagesError(const QString& s);

      QMenu *editMenu() const
            { return m_ui.editMenu; }
      QMenu *trackMenu() const
            { return m_ui.trackMenu; }

      void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent *pEvent);

public slots:

      void fileNew();
      void fileOpen();
      void fileOpenRecent();
      void fileSave();
      void fileSaveAs();
      void fileProperties();
      void fileExit();
      void editUndo();
      void editRedo();
      void editCut();
      void editCopy();
      void editPaste();
      void editDelete();
      void editSelectModeClip();
      void editSelectModeRange();
      void editSelectModeRect();
      void editSelectNone();
      void editSelectRange();
      void editSelectTrack();
      void editSelectAll();
      void trackAdd();
      void trackRemove();
      void trackProperties();
      void trackImportAudio();
      void trackImportMidi();
      void viewMenubar(bool bOn);
      void viewStatusbar(bool bOn);
      void viewToolbarFile(bool bOn);
      void viewToolbarEdit(bool bOn);
      void viewToolbarTrack(bool bOn);
      void viewToolbarView(bool bOn);
      void viewToolbarTransport(bool bOn);
      void viewToolbarTime(bool bOn);
      void viewToolbarThumb(bool bOn);
      void viewFiles(bool bOn);
      void viewMessages(bool bOn);
      void viewConnections(bool bOn);
      void viewMixer(bool bOn);
      void viewRefresh();
      void viewInstruments();
      void viewBuses();
      void viewOptions();
      void transportBackward();
      void transportRewind();
      void transportFastForward();
      void transportForward();
      void transportLoop();
      void transportPlay();
      void transportRecord();
      void transportFollow();
      void helpAboutQt();
      void helpAbout();

      void stabilizeForm();
      void timerSlot();
      void alsaNotify();
      void tracksClosed();
      void updateRecentFilesMenu();
      void addAudioFile(const QString& sFilename);
      void activateAudioFile(const QString& sFilename);
      void addMidiFile(const QString& sFilename);
      void activateMidiFile(const QString& sFilename);
      void trackSelectionChanged();
      void mixerSelectionChanged();
      void contentsChanged();
      void tempoChanged();
      void snapPerBeatChanged(int iSnap);


      void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *pCloseEvent);
      void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *pDragEnterEvent);
      void dropEvent(QDropEvent *pDropEvent);
      void customEvent(QEvent *pEvent);

      void mmcEvent(qtractorMmcEvent *pMmcEvent);

      bool queryClose();

      bool newSession();
      bool openSession();
      bool saveSession(bool bPrompt);
      bool editSession();
      bool closeSession();

      bool loadSessionFile(const QString& sFilename);
      bool saveSessionFile(const QString& sFilename);

      bool startSession();
      bool checkRestartSession();

      bool setPlaying(bool bPlaying);
      bool setRecording(bool bRecording);

      int setRolling(int iRolling);

      void setLocate(unsigned long iLocate);
      void setShuttle(float fShuttle);
      void setStep(int iStep);

      void setTrack(int scmd, int iTrack, bool bOn);

      void updateSession();
      void updateRecentFiles(const QString& sFilename);
      void updatePeakAutoRemove();
      void updateActionCommand(QAction *pAction, qtractorCommand *pCommand);
      void updateMessagesFont();
      void updateMessagesLimit();
      void updateMessagesCapture();


      // The Qt-designer UI struct...
      Ui::qtractorMainForm m_ui;

      // Instance variables...
      qtractorOptions *m_pOptions;
      qtractorSession *m_pSession;
      qtractorCommandList *m_pCommands;
      qtractorInstrumentList *m_pInstruments;
      qtractorFiles *m_pFiles;
      qtractorMessages *m_pMessages;
      qtractorConnections *m_pConnections;
      qtractorMixer *m_pMixer;
      qtractorTracks *m_pTracks;
      QString m_sFilename;
      int m_iUntitled;
      int m_iDirtyCount;
      QActionGroup *m_pSelectModeActionGroup;
      QLabel *m_pTransportTime;
      QDoubleSpinBox *m_pTempoSpinBox;
      QComboBox *m_pSnapPerBeatComboBox;
      qtractorThumbView *m_pThumbView;
      unsigned long m_iPlayHead;
      int m_iPeakTimer;
      int m_iPlayTimer;
      int m_iTransportUpdate;
      int m_iTransportDelta;
      int m_iTransportRolling;
      float m_fTransportShuttle;
      int m_iTransportStep;
      int m_iXrunCount;
      int m_iXrunSkip;
      int m_iXrunTimer;
      int m_iAudioRefreshTimer;
      int m_iMidiRefreshTimer;

      // Status bar item indexes
      enum {
            StatusName    = 0,   // Active session track caption.
            StatusMod     = 1,   // Current session modification state.
            StatusRec     = 2,   // Current session recording state.
            StatusMute    = 3,   // Current session muting state.
            StatusSolo    = 4,   // Current session soloing state.
            StatusLoop    = 5,   // Current session looping state.
            StatusTime    = 6,   // Current session length time.
            StatusRate    = 7,   // Current session sample rate.
            StatusItems   = 8    // Number of status items.

      QLabel *m_statusItems[StatusItems];

      // Palette status item indexes
      enum {
            PaletteNone   = 0,   // Default background color.
            PaletteRed    = 1,   // Current session recording state (red).
            PaletteYellow = 2,   // Current session muting state (yellow).
            PaletteCyan   = 3,   // Current session soloing state (cyan).
            PaletteGreen  = 4,   // Current session looping state (green).
            PaletteItems  = 5    // Number of palette items.

      QPalette *m_paletteItems[PaletteItems];

      // Kind-of singleton reference.
      static qtractorMainForm *g_pMainForm;

#endif      // __qtractorMainForm_h

// end of qtractorMainForm.h

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